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The mission of Wonderland Camp is to provide a fun, educational camp experience for children, teenagers and adults who have disabilities; to offer a respite from daily care giving for their family members and healthcare workers; and to provide and nurture a personal development experience for volunteers and staff.

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How one man's dream became a labor of love for many
Charles J. Miller had a dream. It all started the summer of 1969 during a conversation with the Executive Director of the Woodhaven Learning Center, a school for mentally and physically challenged children in Columbia, Missouri.

His dream was of a residential summer camp on property he and his brother-in-law, Harry Brown, owned, located on the Lake of the Ozarks. A camp where the physically and mentally challenged could experience the exhilaration of outdoor living and play. A camp designed to match their special needs and provide them with the maximum safety with freedom to enjoy nature.

Meetings and discussions with concerned groups including the Missouri State Division of Mental Health, United Cerebral Palsy of Missouri, Missouri Association of Retarded Children and Woodhaven Learning Center led to a meeting with the Missouri Jaycee Executive Committee.
Mr. Miller told the Jaycees of his dream, and on May 17, 1970, the Missouri Jaycees voted to adopt the camp project. Mr. Miller and Mr. Brown donated their land; 35 undeveloped acres adjoining the Lake of the Ozarks with an additional 100 acres for nature trails and outcamping.
They named it Wonderland Camp and it was incorporated as a not-for-profit foundation by the State of Missouri.

Jaycee chapters throughout the state came forward to contribute. The Kansas City Jaycees provided the professional architectural and planning services. The Southern Platte Chapter took on half the cost and labor involved in installation of a well and pump. And Jaycee Chapters throughout the state gave liberally of their labor to build the facilities.
Cabin Although only a few buildings were completed, the camp was functionally sound and usable enough to welcome its first campers in the spring of 1972. By the August closing date 157 children and 83 counselors and staff had used and thoroughly enjoyed the new Wonderland Camp.

Since the first small start, construction has gone forward. Facilities have been expanded to provide an outdoor camping experience for approximately 1,000 campers in 2001. The camp is still growing. Click here to take a visual tour of the facilities at Wonderland Camp.
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